Nasim G. Pachi is an Iranian-German contemporary painter whose work confronts culture, religion and the restrictions they impose, particularly on women.


Her monumental canvases are richly detailed, contrasting the female form with intricate patterns of fabric or mosaics. Their enticing aesthetic draws in the viewer until we are forced to reflect on the importance of choice and individuality amid the complex rules of society.


Born in Iran, Pachi studied in Germany and has lived and worked in Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia. Her experience has revealed that people and their actions are as complicated beyond Iran’s borders as inside of them. Her paintings investigate this, encouraging both artist and viewer to reframe their own identity in a global context.


Pachi's art has been internationally exhibited. She received both her Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Illustration from HAW University Hamburg, Germany. Pachi lives and works currently in Hong Kong. 





My work explores the complexities of personal identity, often juxtaposing cultural patterns with the female nude or figures with concealed faces. These richly layered portraits challenge viewers, provoking thoughts on freedom, identity, and gender. 


My journey through life, from growing up in Iran, studying in Germany and working between various countries, has given me different perspectives and fuelled my creativity. Experiencing new cultures and societies has inspired me to investigate and reflect on my own identity. 


The patterns I incorporate into my art are influenced by the cultural motifs of the countries I have lived in. These patterns are not just symbols of identity; they metaphorically reveal the complexity of human-crafted culture and society, which at times imposes numerous restrictions and pressure upon the people.


The bare body confronting these patterns represents the natural harmony of a free individual who observes, adjusts, explores, and sometimes defies or even protests against such limitations. This individual seeks dialogue and connection. 


My preferred medium is oil and acrylic on linen.

To create the final sketch for my paintings, I begin by conceptualising an idea and then bring it to life through a process of photographing and editing numerous shots of my subject. This process can take anytime from days to years. I prefer to work on multiple paintings simultaneously as this approach allows me to explore different creative avenues.





    Apr. 2024 Group exhibtion at Gallery 25, ECU Galleries, Perth/ Australia
    Aug. 2023 Group exhibtion at Hvar Arsenal, Hvar/ Croatia 

    Dec. 2022

Group exhibtion, CAP Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait/ Kuwait

Jul. 2022 Affordable Art Fair, Presented by Odds&Ends Gallery, Hong Kong
Mar. 2022 Group exhibtion by Global Art Exhibition, House of Wisdom, Sharjah/ The United Emirates Arab
Jan. 2022 Group exhibtion by Global Art Exhibition, Palazzo Merulana Museum, Rome/ Italy
Dec. 2021 Group exhibtion by Global Art Exhibition, Start Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Mar. 2019 Group exhibtion,"Asia Contemporary Art show", Hong Kong
Apr. 2017 Group exhibtion," Galerie im Elysee", Hamburg/ Germany
Sep. 2016 Group exhibtion, Gallery "Art Suppliment", Goettingen/ Germany
Sep. 2015 7th "Passion for freedom" art festival 2015 "Mall Galleries", London / UK
Jun. 2015 Nord art, Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Buedelsdorf/ Germany
Mar. 2015 9th international "Arte Laguna" exhibition, Venice/ Italy
Feb. 2015 Distinguished Artist of the ArtAscent Magazine" Portraits", USA
Nov. 2013

Solo painting exhibition in "Dole Europe", Hamburg / Germany

Selected artist of "Dole Europe" through the "Add-Art" project

Jun. 2013 Group exhibition in Gallery "Fabrik der Künste", Hamburg/ Germany
Jul. 2013 Group exhibition in "Lokal" for "LUKS Magazine", Hamburg/ Germany

Jul. 2009

to 2012

Group exhibition at Design Faculty HAW, Hamburg/ Germany
Sep. 2007 Group exhibition in "Kreis Museum" of Peine, Peine/ Germany
Mar. 2005

Group exhibition in "Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization" (ICHHTO) Tehran/ Iran