15. June 2023
Contemporary Identities Magazine
Pachi's art is featured in Contemporary Identities International Magazine in their 18th Issue.
01. May 2023
New Visionary Art Collective Magazine
Pachi's work is featured in New Visionary Magazine in their 6th Issue.
04. April 2023
Exhibiting through NFT.NYC in New York
NFT.NYC is the largest leading NFT annual Non-Fungible-Token event in the world.
15. November 2022
Exhibtion at CAP Gallery Kuwait
First NFT exhibition at CAP Gallery in Kuwait
10. November 2022
Artist talk at YMCA College in Hong Kong
Nasim G. Pachi will hold an artist talk at YMCA college in Hong Kong to discuss the artistic process of her work and how living in different places has influenced her art on 15th November 2022.
07. November 2022
Virtual Exhibtion "Beyond The Visible" by i. e. Art Projects
Virtual solo exhibtion by i.e.Projects Foundation and Artist talk on 15th November 2022
07. August 2022
Affordable Art fair Hong Kong 2022
Pachi's art is presented by Odds and Ends Gallery at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022
19. April 2022
Featured in Glass House Arts
Photo Credit: Douglas Crets
01. March 2022
Gateawy to Metaverse at  House of wisdom Sharjah
**Nasim's Page on House of wisdom Sharjah read more House of Wisdom to host Sharjah's first NFT art exhibtion 'Gateway to the Metaverse'' from March 1 to April 15 2022 read more 15. March 2022
01. March 2021
The Guide Artists Magazine
Nasim G. Pachi's work is featured in The Guide Artists Magazine in their 44th Issue.

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